Sincere Concern

Check on your family and friends!


A Not So Great Day

We all experience challenging times at some point in life. Today was a day that just didn’t seem to go well for me. Instead of chalking it up to a bad day, I decided to do things that made me happy. Relaxing while watching Golden Girls and sipping wine while munching on a perfectly buttered grilled cheese. No homework…no clients…phone on do not disturb. Just me and my happy time!

#chillvibes #selflove

The Art of Saying No

Often times, we put ourselves in stressful predicaments that could be avoided by simply saying no. Many times we take on more than we can manage (guilty 🖐🏽) in order to please others or avoid being labeled as mean-spirited. If providing assistance (in whatever capacity it may be) causes you distress, you should politely decline. It’s important to look out for your well-being first before tending to others’ needs.

The Journey Begins

I created Dance ∂ Praise ∂ Write not only to educate people about self-care and wellness, but to also inspire them to live life fully. The title represents all things that I adore and interestingly enough, have helped me get through the most trying times of my life. I’ll be sharing personal experiences and dropping nuggets of advice and knowledge along the way. So join me on this road to greatness!

The peace of God which trancends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.

Philippians 4:7


Taking Care of Me

Self Love

Self-wellness is an essential part of being healthy. The mind…the body…the spirit…they all need pampering daily. Before I hop out of the bed, I begin my day with prayer. I thank God for my health and sound mind. I command what my day shall be, I pray for my family, friends and the world and I pray for traveling mercies before I leave home. I am, by no means, a fan of exercising, but since I stay so busy with work, school and a plethora of other activities, it is easy for me to burn off all of the unhealthy Little Debbie snacks and other foods I manage to scarf down. Self-care is important and provides a sense of clarity. If you aren’t tending to yourself now, you need to start!