The Art of Saying No

Often times, we put ourselves in stressful predicaments that could be avoided by simply saying no. Many times we take on more than we can manage (guilty 🖐🏽) in order to please others or avoid being labeled as mean-spirited. If providing assistance (in whatever capacity it may be) causes you distress, you should politely decline. It’s important to look out for your well-being first before tending to others’ needs.


4 thoughts on “The Art of Saying No

  1. We often have a hard time saying no because we are afraid of how the other person may feel however, replying “yes” can often times put us in a predicament as stated that we can not get out of or put us in a peculiar place of resentment because now we are accountable for something that we really dont agree with or plainly dont want to be bothered with..In saying that, let’s not worry about what people think and be authentic in our responses and be real with ourselves..

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